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CALOSHA TITLE 8 Section 3342

As with many new regulations, the CALSOHA Comprehensive Workplace Violence Prevention Standard will require enhanced compliance obligations from the entire California Healthcare Industry. Compliance will include detailed recordkeeping, change management protocols, internal and external reporting, internal and external audits, and conducting routine training, drills, and exercises. Implementing this new standard will require subject matter expertise and a comprehensive knowledge of the standard, regulations, and implementing guidance. To ensure continued compliance, a governance program must be established to maintain compliance for the years to come. 

Let our team assist you with the implementation of the CALOSHA Comprehensive Workplace Violence Prevention Standard (Title 8 Section 3342).

We have direct experience in various industries implementing some of the Federal Government’s most complex regulatory compliance programs such as the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standard (Chemical Facility Security) and the North America Electric Reliability Corporation’s Critical Infrastructure Protection Standard (Power Grid Reliability)
The Emeree Group, LLC is a security risk management firm specializing in assisting businesses and organizations worldwide with managing their security risks and reducing losses. We provide you with value based, sustainable security solutions. 

Let our experts assist you with developing and implementing security strategies and programs that align with your organization's mission and values, resulting in a security program that brings a risk based focus to creating value for your business. 

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