Providing a blueprint for establishing a safety and security program, we show you how to: 
- Identify natural and man-made risks, liabilities and security threats to employees and assets outside of the country 
- Create pre-deployment training programs to provide personnel with resources to keep them safe 
- Establish policies, procedures, programs and technologies for locating employees around the world at a moment’s notice 
- Gear programs towards employees who do not feel the need to be protected 
- Develop integrated crisis management and security plans for overseas projects 
- Liaison with Foreign Law Enforcement, Government Agencies and Militaries, and how to best utilize U.S. and Western government resources

The Emeree Group has experience directing and managing security programs in locations ranging from the Ethiopian Highlands to the Canadian Arctic. Let us assist you with all of your International Security requirements.

California, Title 8 Workplace Violence Prevention

Threat and Vulnerability Assessments

A high-level assessment for organizations requiring security enhancement recommendations. These assessments are critical in today’s environment of Active Shooters and increased violence in the workplace.

Physical Security Risk Assessments

A qualitative security risk assessment of your entire facility or enterprise. Our methodology will prioritize your risk and identify current and new controls required for risk mitigation. Our methodology also ensures focused resource allocation when implementing new risk controls.

Physical Security Program Master Planning

Based on findings from our risk assessment, we can develop your organization’s plan for the implementation of all new mitigating controls. We’ll assist you with ensuring that all plans are in alignment with your organization’s strategy and business plans. We can also assist you with implementing entirely new programs that will assist you in mitigating newly identified risks. Whether implementing a Travel Risk Management Program or designing your entire physical security program, the Emeree Group can help.

Vendor and Technology Assessments

An outside expert analysis of your current security technology, maintenance plans and vendor contracts to ensure that you are receiving and achieving maximum, sustained business value. 

Workplace Violence Prevention Regulatory Compliance Program Implementation

Beginning with a thorough review of the regulation, we walk you through our implementation framework and methodology so that your organization can see what full compliance looks like. We’ll also assist you with the development and implementation of a governance program which will be critical for maintaining compliance in the years to come.

Crisis & Emergency Response Planning

The cornerstone of preparation in today’s business environment. An integrated, all hazards approach to Crisis Management, Emergency Response and Business Continuity Planning is essential for a resilient organization. We’ll assist you in the development and implementation of an all hazards, risk based program.

Security Training 

With the threat of Active Shooters and workplace violence increasing at an alarming rate, it’s important that employers have effective education and training programs in place to reduce these risks. The Emeree Group offers the following:
- Active Shooter Training
- Exercise coordination
- Workplace Violence Prevention Training
- Use of Force / Use of Force Continuum
- Physical Security
- High Risk Travel Security Training
- Surveillance Detection
- Soft Target Awareness 
- Special Security Incidents (Kidnap and Ransom)
- Situational Awareness Training

​-Individual and Family Security Planning

Enterprise Physical Security

International Security Operations Planning

Threats to multinational corporations come in two forms: natural and man-made. The Emeree Group, which has over 30 years of experience in overseas security operations, will help you identify the types of risks that confront corporations when working outside of North America. We provide key tools and understanding that are required to do business in a safe and secure manner, no matter the level of risk. We walk our clients through a logical framework for safety and security program development from Day One.